Anne Marie Brown, District Manager/ IPAC Specialist

Northern Ontario/Downtown Toronto/North York/Etobicoke/New Market/Richmond Hill/Markham/Aurora/Vaughan/Thornhill/Woodbridge/ Scarborough/Rural Manitoba/North West Territories/Yukon Territories/Nunavat

With over 30 years’ of dental industry experience at Germiphene, Anne Marie has serviced thousands of dental practices with infection prevention and control solutions throughout Canada. She’s well known for providing effective strategies, tools, periodic observational assessments and checklists to help document routine procedures in the dental setting. Based in Ontario, Anne Marie is always just a phone call away.

Phone: 1-800-265-9931 ext.3243

Direct: 1-519-720-5687


Erica Cochrane, National Strategic Account Specialist


As a Young Innovation Inc. National Strategic Account Manager, Erica leads the charge as a valuable resource and facilitator for DSO’s in the Canadian market, ensuring overall growth and increase profit/revenue, as well as compliance. 
Erica facilitates and expands partnerships, taps into fresh ideas and engages with new thought leaders as she creates trusted resources for our participating providers’ procurement needs.

She provides sales and management experience in strategic planning, coordination and implementation of goods and services that are distributed to participating providers across Canada. As she specializes in working with DSO’s and other large corporations, Erica provides strong fact base consultation, infection control compliance implementation and strategic partnerships that maximize DSO’s overall cost savings.


Phone: 902-303-7599


Kate Cruickshank, District Manager/ IPAC Specialist

Vancouver Island / New Brunswick / Nova Scotia / Prince Edward Island / Newfoundland

Kate serves as a District Manager/ IPAC Specialist for Germiphene and specializes in infection prevention and control education. A Certified Dental Assistant Level 2, with over 30 years’ experience, in the dental industry and over four years with Germiphene. Kate helps practices feel at ease through her knowledge and expertise. Kate will help solve your many day-to-day challenges, while educating your entire team.

Phone: 416-888-3029


Wendie Morley, District Manager/ IPAC Specialist


Wendie has over 26 years’ experience as an RDA II and has been educating offices in IPAC for over 20 years at Germiphene in the Greater Calgary Area. Wendie specializes in providing complete customized office education and staff training, committed to their safety. She is skilled in empowering teams to maintain compliance with minimal time and cost.

Phone: 403-604-8553


Geneviève Poulin, District Manager/ IPAC Specialist

Laval et Québec

Meet Genevieve, a certified Dental Hygienist with over 30 years of experience in the dental industry, and serving more than 26 years providing up-to-date asepsis protocols to dental practices for Germiphene. Genevieve is a noteworthy leader, known for training all members of her dental teams how to maintain current knowledge of IPAC policies and procedures, and how to apply them appropriately and consistently. Genevieve is excellent in helping practices solve their day-to-day challenges while also making sure they feel comfortable during the process.

Phone: 514-240-3278


Kathy Purves, District Manager/ IPAC Specialist

Greater Winnipeg Area

Kathy Purves spent 17 years in the dental field as a Dental Assistant, working in different provinces.  She obtained a B.A. from the University of Manitoba, and a B.Sc. from the University of Winnipeg.  Kathy has been with Germiphene, for more than 25 years in the Winnipeg area. Kathy has used her dental and science background to her advantage, speaking on relevant information regarding IPAC across Canada and around the world. She’s lectured to dental professionals in Africa, Southeast Asia, South Pacific and Europe.

Phone: 204-489-2101


Rachel Putman, District Manager/ IPAC Specialist


For over three years, Rachel has been a noteworthy leader in the infection prevention space at Germiphene. Known for keeping practices up-to-date with ongoing protocols and regulations, Rachel aims to support and educate IPAC and dental requirements to those around her. Rachel is an expert at implementing training programs that will make everyone feel more at ease. She strives in becoming one of the best available resources for the South Western Ontario District.

Phone: 519-619-3431


Marsha Schembri, District Manager/ IPAC Specialist

Etobicoke/Vaughn West/Peel Region/Halton

With over 21 years of dental setting experience with Germiphene, Marsha has serviced over 3000 Dental offices throughout Canada with infection, prevention and control solutions. Driven by her passion and knowledge, Marsha ensures that all staff are professionally trained in IPAC policies and procedures as recognized by local governing bodies and that necessary supplies are available, operational, up to date as well as routinely monitored for efficacy. Marsha is loyally committed to offering an honest and ethical approach to each practice she services which is why she has built such a credible reputation in this industry.

Phone: 416-726-4492


Tiffany Sturch, District Manager/ IPAC Specialist

North Vancouver/West Vancouver/Richmond/Burnaby

Tiffany is a Certified Dental Assistant with over 14 years of industry experience. Known for her many years of implementing infection prevention and control solutions, she’s able to constantly provide her clients with the most efficient, effective and best economic results. She will work closely with your practice to help conquer any challenges you may face while also educating your team in this ever-changing industry.

Phone: 604-364-3437


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