Germiphene offers 65 years of dental experience, quality products and professional expertise. We pride ourselves, not only on what we manufacture, but also on our educational program. Our goal is to ensure you are up to date with industry guidelines, new products and other topics relevant to you.


Learning Events

Throughout the year Germiphene offers seminars, hands on workshop and in office learn at lunch sessions that provide information so you can make the best decision for your clinic. Along with our fully trained sales rep team, our Director of Education, Linda McLarty is committed to providing you with evidence-based, scientifically sound information.

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Our Learn & Earn program consists of learning sessions on topics requested by our customers. Contact your Germiphene representative to book a topic and time that works best for you, in the convenience of your own clinic. If you are interested in a topic that is not on our list, let us know!

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Please contact your local rep for ongoing CE opportunities or email Linda Mclarty <>  and she will refer you to the responsible rep. 



Live Courses

Linda McLarty is pleased to offer the following complimentary on line educational courses to all members of your dental team.

Update – Covid 19 in a Dental Setting – PHO, RCDSO, CDHO – Linda McLarty

Are you struggling to keep current because of the impact of Covid-19, most particularly the omicron variant? Linda will review updated requirements from the various regulatory bodies as well as the Ontario Ministry of Health to ensure safe care for your patients, you and your co-workers. Topics will include Covid-19 screening requirements for patients and the dental team, correct PPE use, operatory requirements during aerosol generating procedures, as well as cleaning & disinfecting throughout your office.

This webinar is offered several times, Click Here to register

Back to Basics – Instrument Reprocessing – PHO, RCDSO, CDHO – Linda McLarty

Linda will review the requirements for reprocessing instruments in a dental setting based on Public Health Ontario Core & Reprocessing Checklists updated July 2019, CDHO IPAC Guidelines updated September 2019 and RCDSO Standards dated November 2018. Topics will include documentation & recording keeping, education & training, cleaning, sterilization and sterilization monitoring, storage as well as recalls in the event of a sterilization failure.

This webinar is offered several times, Click Here to register

Dental Unit Water Quality & Monitoring – OSAP White Paper, PHO, RCDSO, CDHO

Linda will discuss water quality, biofilm formation, water treatment methods & appropriate maintenance protocols for water delivery systems drawing from OSAP’s white paper on dental water quality & monitoring, PHO core checklist, RCDSO standards and CDHO Guidelines.

BC AB SK – Best Practices Instrument Reprocessing

Correct reprocessing of critical and semi-critical instruments must be followed to ensure safe care for patients. Linda will review the current requirements based on your guidelines/standards and also provide best practices that have evolved since CSA issuance of medical device reprocessing standards in 2018.